Best of: Holiday recipes

A roundup of our most popular holiday recipes, to help inspire you this season.
Published December 7, 2020

From breakfast to dessert (and all the meals that fall in between), here are WW’s best holiday recipes.

Breakfast and brunch recipes

The best recipes for holiday breakfasts and brunches have a make-ahead component, such as those for savoury stratas and baked French toast casserole. Vegetables, cheese, and meat can be prepped ahead of time for frittatas, simply add the egg and cook according to recipe instructions. Muffins and donuts are ideal for casual holiday mornings, serve with hot coffee, orange juice, and fresh fruit if desired.


Holiday appetizers can be as straightforward as homemade spinach and artichoke dip or as intricate as pea and ricotta-topped crostini; either way, the goal is to sate the appetite before a larger meal. For instant appetizers on short notice, keep a couple of well-loved spreads in the fridge at all times to serve with thinly sliced bread, pita chips, and cut-up veggies.


Whether you’re serving a light and lemony coleslaw or a robust Caesar made with bold winter greens, a salad is always a welcome addition to any holiday meal. Making use of ingredients such as clementines, beets, pears, and Brussels sprouts, these recipes highlight and elevate the incredible flavours unique to winter seasonal produce.


The perfect side dish looks different for everyone, which is why the recipes below are as varied as they are delicious. You’ll find recipes for classic holiday side dishes like mashed potatoes and stuffing, as well as newcomers like honey-glazed root vegetables and butternut squash with crispy pancetta. When you’re not serving these dishes alongside a main meal, many are hearty enough to be enjoyed on their own with a light salad.


The deeply flavourful main dishes listed below yield fewer servings than if you were serving a whole turkey or ham, a boon when you’re trying to plan a holiday meal for a small group of people. Beloved main dishes such as turkey breast with gravy and Quebec tourtiere offer widespread appeal, while intensely-flavoured ingredients like fennel and olives add depth to classic roasts and braises

Vegetarian mains

No meat? No problem! These vegetarian mains will appeal to even the most ardent meateaters, thanks to ultra-flavourful ingredients like mushrooms, parmesan, and roasted peppers. Paired with your choice of plant-based appetizer and side dish, these vegetarian mains are sure to become a permanent fixture on your holiday menu.


End your meal with a memorable holiday treat in the form of a traditional snow-capped chocolate yule log, or opt for something lighter (yet still plenty sweet) like honey and brandy roasted figs or grilled stuffed pears.