How Our Program Works

We believe in our program  

We know our system works because we've seen the results with thousands of Canadians for nearly 50 years.
We can help you reach your goals by supplying you with the tools you need and a support system you can rely on.
We focus on three key areas: food, fitness and fulfillment.


Eat whatever you want. Seriously.

Our program assigns every food a value based on its protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre content. It accounts for how your body processes food and nudges you toward healthier options. You can still eat the things you love, they just need to fit within your food budget.
So, yes, you can indulge once in a while. 









Be active. Be adventurous.

We believe fitness should be about pleasure, not pressure.
Activity is an important part of the weight loss journey. We will get you moving more and feeling great!











Feel inspired. Feel confident.

There's more to healthy living than just eating right and exercising. It's also about feeling happy and fulfilled.
We'll teach you how to enjoy and explore the things that make