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WW is Weight Watchers reimagined

With a legacy of more than 50 years of proven weight loss efficacy, Weight Watchers is now reimagined as WW. Learn how we can help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals with our easy-to-use app, and for Studio members, you will also receive in-person wellness coaching and community support.

Find out how WW helps our members lose weight and feel happier.

Everything is on the menu

With the new WW Freestyle program we encourage you to eat the foods you love - and no foods are off limits!

New – More than 200 ZeroPointTM foods, including favorites like chicken, eggs, and beans
New – More flexibility, it’s our easiest program yet
New – Less tracking, more enjoying
New – Easy-to-use app with more than 2,000 SmartPoints-approved recipes

Members are loving our new program!

In a six-month clinical trial, participants who followed WW Freestyle saw great weight loss and impressive changes on and off the scale.

Save 50%*

with purchase of select subscription plan.

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