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Premium membership (includes Workshops)

A strong support system—plus our award-winning app

Lose weight and keep it off with face-to-face guidance from our expert coaches and unparalleled member community.

  • Unlimited coach-led Workshops with other members, in person or online, at convenient times for you
  • Customized food plan and Points® Budget
  • Food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers
  • Barcode scanner, recipe database, and restaurant finder
  • Meditations
  • Progress reports
  • 24/7 live coach chat

WW member Monika P. dines on a noodle dish and has lost 61 pounds.  People following the WW program can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.

WeightWatchers® workshops = more success

Science shows that Workshop members lose twice as much weight as those who do it on their own.^ Workshops are led by our expert WeightWatchers coaches—alongside a group of like-minded members—who deliver the encouragement you need to stay on track.

^Tate, D.F., et al. 12-month randomized multi-country trial comparing weight loss of WW program vs. DIY approach. Obesity Science & Practice. 2020.

Coach and community support in a judgment-free zone

‎‎Get ready for the most inspiring 30 minutes of your week (or more, if you’d like!). Visit any of our Studios nationwide for an in-person Workshop. Or curl up on your couch, grab your coziest socks, and pop into a virtual Workshop from morning to night. Either way, you’ll live the WeightWatchers program with community encouragement exactly when you want it. Check out our locations and schedules here: Find a Workshop.

Learn what works, every week

A plate of grilled chicken with salsa on top.

Your Workshop coach will share simple weekly techniques, developed by our nutrition and behavioral scientists, to help you build lasting healthy habits. From nutrition (what is a serving of pasta?!) to mindset (how to actually outsmart stress-eating), no real-life weight-loss topic goes uncovered.

‎Includes our Core membership and the WW app

A plate of grilled chicken with salsa on top.

We have your one-stop app for weight loss. Get food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers; a members-only social community; 24/7 coach chat; an activity dashboard; and personal progress reports so you can celebrate your success and keep moving forward.

Frequently asked questions

Our Workshops (or Meetings, back in the day) are coach-led group sessions held at a Studio location or online. You don’t need to go, but the extra support can really ramp up your results: Workshop members lose two times more weight than those who DIY.† Workshops offer unlimited accountability from coaches and members who really get the weight-loss journey.

†Tate, D.F., et al. 12-month randomized multi-country trial comparing weight loss of WW program vs. DIY approach. Obesity Science & Practice. 2020.

If attending in person, you’ll arrive, weigh in privately (your info is for your and your coach’s eyes only), listen to the weekly technique, and chat with your group in a 30-minute session. You can be an active participant or simply sit back and listen! No matter how you experience Workshops, they’re a totally safe space where you’ll find new ideas and endless inspiration.

Generally, WeightWatchers Premium memberships (formerly WW Unlimited Workshops + Digital) start for as low as $45 per month, depending on the length of the commitment you choose. See offers and pricing here.

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