60 recipes to help you celebrate the May long weekend

Points-friendly mains, sides, and drinks
Published April 28, 2021

Enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and time outdoors this May long weekend with these vibrant recipes, including flavour-packed options from the grill, seasonal salads, and thirst-quenching refreshments.

Grilled meat and poultry

These grilled meat and poultry are customized with bright salsas, flavourful glazes and seasonal sides. Most fresh salsas and sauces should be made right before serving, which is often the time when the actual barbecuing is happening. Chop and prepare all the ingredients up to 24 hours ahead of time, storing each item separately and then combining everything at the last minute.

Grilled fish and seafood

Most fish can sit directly on the grill over high heat, it just needs a quick spray of vegetable oil cooking spray on each side to prevent it from sticking. Shrimp cooks quickly on the barbecue, needing only a couple of minutes per side, and should be grilled on skewers or in a grilling basket. Always store fresh fish and seafood in the refrigerator, preferably on ice, until it’s grilling time.

Grilled veggies

Looking for a new way to enjoy your favourite ZeroPoint vegetables? Get inspired with these recipes for grilled veggies, which feature asparagus, zucchini, sweet pepper, and mushrooms, to name just a few. Add leftover grilled vegetables to salads, pizzas, sandwiches, and grain dishes.


Wooden skewers are a convenient alternative to metal skewers as long as you soak them in warm water for 30 minutes to prevent them from burning up over a hot grill. To make the grilling process as efficient as possible, use two parallel skewers instead of a single skewer. This prevents the ingredients from spinning as they’re turned, and ensures each side is exposed to heat evenly.

Summertime salads

Depending on the serving, these uncomplicated warm weather salads are filling enough to serve as a main, but still light enough to be eaten as a side dish or first course. If the salad is made of several separate components, as in a cobb salad, arrange the ingredients on a large platter or shallow bowl so that people can serve themselves.

Sangria, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages

There’s no better accompaniment to an al fresco meal than a summery beverage, and these special libations (and non-alcoholic options) fit the description to a tee. Reserve the expensive wine for sipping, sangria is best made with inexpensive (but still tasty) bottles.