Anna Van Dyken's WeightWatchers® recipes

Anna Van Dyken, a WeightWatchers member, cookbook author, and social media sensation behind "Feed Me Healthy," is delighted to share some of her most beloved recipes with you.
Published 18 May 2020 | Updated 26 September 2023
Anna’s chocolate hazelnut bliss balls

Anna's love for cooking

Meet Anna Van Dyken - A WeightWatchers Ambassador, two-time best-selling cookbook author and social media sensation! With over 44,000 'Feed me healthy' Instagram followers, her recipes are well loved and fellow members look up to her as a mentor.

“Recipes don’t need to be complicated,” says Anna. “I want to show people how easy it is to add flavour and to make things look appealing. It only takes five minutes to make something look good and then you’re satisfied before you’ve even started eating.

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