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Members lost up to 15% more weight on WW Your Way+ than on our prior program* See details
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*Comparing the weight loss after 6 months for WW digital members who joined in the first 8 weeks of 2018 vs. those who joined in the first 8 weeks of 2017

(formerly Online Coaching)

Digital + Studio™ (formerly Group Coaching)

Digital + Personal Coaching

Weight Watchers

Learn why we're now called WW, and discover the exciting new developments that will help you reach your wellness and weight-loss goals even faster.

"Your Way+ is a healthier way of living."

Enjoy more choice, more freedom, less tracking.

Freedom to enjoy more of your favourite foods

There’s room for all foods in our WW Your Way+TM program.  With ZeroPoint™ foods, you’ll find 200+ foods including chicken breast, eggs and salmon that don’t need to be tracked. 

Flexibility that suits your lifestyle

Life is for living! Our program is flexible so you can eat out and enjoy time with family and friends without compromising your weight loss.

The magic of Workshops

Be inspired by our Wellness Coaches and share your journey with other WW members.

Digital community

Join our social community full of inspiration and ideas from fellow WW members.

What you get as a WW Member

WW Your Way+ Program

You’ll learn the skills to develop healthy habits and have the support you need to achieve your goals.

WW app

Easy to use app to look up all the healthy foods you love, scan barcodes for quick and simple tracking, and sync your activity device and WW scales.

WW recipes

5,000+ healthy and delicious recipes using simple, nutritious ingredients with the SmartPoints already worked out for you.

24/7 Wellness Coach support

Chat to a Wellness Coach online 24/7 for guidance and advice whenever you need it.

WW member community

Social community support full of food & fitness inspiration and motivation from fellow WW members.