Anna lost 70kg – and says if she can, you can

She turned her family’s health around at the same time, too. Here’s how she did it.
Published 10 December 2019

Anna’s review on the PersonalPoints Program

The transition to the new PersonalPoints Program for me was extremely smooth! The new program gives me the choice and control to add or subtract ZeroPoint foods, plus I’m drinking more water and always reaching for non-starchy veggies as my meal base.

Utilising all aspects of the WW app is 100% beneficial! This includes the sleep help as I was finding it hard to form a regular pattern. The app helped me form a better sleep routine which in turn helps me to function better and control my food choices by day.

Today, I feel fantastic! My energy levels have increased, but overall, my mindset is strong and positive. The new Personal Points program has cemented my already good lifestyle into a better one. Over 6 weeks I’ve lost 6 kg on the PersonalPoints Program!

Anna's weight loss journey

After losing half her body weight over four years with WW, Anna is officially recognised as a WW phenomenon. With more than 43,000 Instagram followers, a popular Facebook page and her own recipe website, she’s released two cookbook, which is both a collection of her favourite recipes and a recap of her amazing journey. But like most people’s, it all started with one lightbulb moment.

Anna's 'why'

“In 2012 I was watching my son Ethan running in a cross-country race at school. He was 12 years old at the time and weighed almost 80kg. He was struggling and finished 15 minutes after everyone else. That was my moment. I thought, ‘What have I done?’. My whole family was obese. Four days later I walked into my first WW Workshop.”

Anna before and after