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150+ best healthy recipes for weight loss

Make healthy eating simple with these delicious, WeightWatchers® nutritionist-approved healthy meals.

Healthy recipes and meal ideas for weight loss

In today’s world of ever-changing information, knowing what’s best when it comes to good nutrition can be bewildering. Our food philosophy at WeightWatchers is to keep things simple and guide you towards a healthier way of eating so over time it will become automatic.

The key to making healthy and nutritious recipes is balance. The following recipes have been nutritionally-checked by WW nutritionists to be classified as 'healthy'. This means they are made with fresh wholesome ingredients to ensure your body gets the healthy foods and nutrients it needs.

Many weight-loss programs focus only on calories. WeightWatchers does that and so much more, nudging you toward foods that are higher in fibre, protein, and unsaturated fats, and lower in added sugars and saturated fats.

WW healthy recipes contain a balance of:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Wholegrains
  • Legumes
  • Protein

Tips for healthy recipes for weight loss

  • Pick good-quality proteins without too much unhealthy (saturated) fat such as lean meat and chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, low-fat dairy products (and dairy substitutes), tofu and legumes (lentils and beans). The best news is lots of these good-quality proteins are on the ZeroPoint foods list meaning you dont have to mesaure or track these foods.
  • Eat a rainbow of colours to get a wide range of nutrients. Fresh produce is important for good health and should make up the bulk of your diet, with five servings of vegetables a day and two of fruit.
  • Keep heathy snacks on hand to boost your energy and concentration, control blood sugar and insulin levels. When it comes to managing or losing weight, a nutritious snack can help keep your appetite on an even keel and prevent overeating at mealtime.
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$12 per month for 12 months*

*On selected 12 month plans only. Min. cost (Core) A$144. Offer ends 23/07/2024. See terms.