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Latest Weight Watchers cookbooks

Major food inspo, right this way! Our collection of creative cookbooks helps you make delicious meals at home and stay on track toward your goals.

Simple, satisfying and healthy. With WW cookbooks it's easy to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals.

We combine our love of cooking with our PersonalPoints system and ZeroPoint™ foods to creature flavour-filled recipes that are simple to make and delicious to eat! Family friendly, gluten free, vegan to everything in between, our healthy recipes cater to all dietary preferences.
Ingredients cookbook cover

NEW! 5 Ingredients Cookbook

Cooking made easy with 5 ingredients or less!

Enjoy fuss-free, hearty and healthy recipes that can be made with no more than five main ingredients and just a few kitchen staples. Whether you’re looking for simple solutions for wholesome weeknight dinners or fresh ideas for pasta, soups, comforting curries & one pot dishes, our new collection of flavoursome recipes will become your regular go-to.

Each recipe also includes a QR code, for quick and seamless tracking within the WW app.

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PersonalPoints Program cookbook cover

NEW! PersonalPoints Program Book

This book has been created by our team of experts to show you how you can successfully achieve your goals on the NEW PersonalPoints™ Program.

Featuring 100+ DELICIOUS RECIPES. Ranging from simple and fast, to family favourites, along with cook for the week plans and shopping lists, this is a collection of recipes the whole family are sure to enjoy. You will find inspiring real member stories including WW coach Shellie's story, and be able to read about their success, experiences and top tips on the new PersonalPoints™ Program. We have also loaded this book with expert advice to help you achieve your weight-loss goals - including smart swaps, ideas to help you add Points®, a 3 step guide to meal planning and prep, plus so much more!

Each recipe also includes a QR code, for quick and seamless tracking within the WW app.

Grab and go cookbook cover

NEW! Grab & Go Cookbook

60 new recipes prepared easily & quickly!

With 60 recipes to choose from, it's never been easier to create tasty, nourishing meals to grab and go for those busy days on the move. From frittatas, wraps and salads to biscuits, bars and muffins, this cookbook features a number of simple and practical recipes that you can prep ahead of time and easily transport in your bag, helping you stay on track with your weight-loss and goals.

Throughout the recipe pages, you’ll also find tips on storage and transport to ensure your food stays fresh and delicious at all times.

Prep, Set and Forget Cookbook


With over 50 recipes to choose from, it's never been easier to prep, set and forget healthy, nourishing meals and snacks this spring. From overnight oats and salad jars, to tray bakes and slow cooker meals, this cookbook features a collection of simple, no fuss recipes that can be conveniently prepared ahead of time or cooked midweek, helping you to stay organised while saving time in the kitchen. Cooking smarter, not harder has never been so easy.

New scan and track feature! To make tracking easier than ever for members, we’ve added a QR code to each recipe for quick, seamless tracking in the WW app. Simply open your camera on your smartphone and hover your device over the QR code to track the recipe in the WW app, according to your pre-selected personalised plan.

Anna Van Dyken's second cookbook

Anna Van Dyken's first cookbook

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