Gluten-free recipes

Find out what you need to know about following a gluten-free diet and discover our tasty range of gluten-free recipes.

Eating gluten free

Whether you need to totally cut out gluten because you have coeliac disease or a wheat allergy, or just want to limit how much gluten you eat due to niggling digestive problems, gluten-free cooking and eating is now easier than ever!

WW has a wide variety of gluten-free breakfasts, dinners and sweet dessert recipes, making it simple to follow a gluten-free diet while achieving your weight loss and health goals.

Below you'll find recipes for gluten-free carrot cake with sweet bursts of raspberries, drizzled with passionfruit, lemon tarragon baked chicken traybake and a super simple two ingredient pancake recipe served with fresh fruit and yoghurt.