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5 Delicious Recipes for a SmartPoints® Friendly Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

So you can shower your mom with love without emptying your Budget (or hers!).

If you’re stuck on what to get mom this Mother’s Day, why not bring all of her favorite people together and host a special brunch in her honor? The gesture is sure to be appreciated—and delicious if you get the menu just right.

Luckily for you—or your mom if she’s also a WW member—this celebratory meal doesn’t have to get in the way of your weight loss or wellness goals. After all, on WW, you can enjoy any brunch favorite, from syrupy pancake stacks to bubbly mimosas.

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To help you stick to your SmartPoints® Budget, this light-but-festive Mother’s Day brunch menu will help keep you on track from your first bite to the last swig of your cocktail. Each is a SmartPoints steal—and scrumptious enough to make the guest of honor feel extra special. (Bonus points if you pair the meal with a bouquet of fresh flowers!)

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5 SmartPoints Friendly Recipes for a Memorable Mother’s Day Brunch