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How to Use the WW App

Here's how to find all the features included with your membership that make losing weight easier.

5 weight-loss apps in 1

Available for Apple and Android, our award-winning app lets you take myWW+ with you wherever you go! 

39 things you didn't know the WW app could do

How to use the WW app

Your homescreen

  • Track food, activity, water, and sleep quickly and easily.
  • Tap the Search bar to look up specific foods and get recipe recommendations with our "What's in your fridge?" feature.
  • Tap your check in cards daily. Each card is designed to help you build healthy habits, one small but powerful step at a time.
  • Read expert content personalized to the goal you set in your Weekly Check-In.
  • Do a 5-Minute Coaching session or Headspace meditation to build helpful ways of thinking and stress less.
  • Move more each day with do-it-anywhere fitness content from FitOn and Aaptiv.
  • See how many days you've stayed in the Healthy Eating Zone—these are the days you've tracked and stayed within your daily SmartPoints Budget.

"What's in your fridge?" recipe suggester

Now you can find recipe ideas based on what you actually have on hand.

  • Tap the Search bar to open "What's in your fridge?"
  • Enter the ingredients you want to use, the number of SmartPoints you want to spend, and a note about any foods you want to exclude.
  • See what we recommend!

Meal planner

Plan meals right in the WW app! Pick from your favorite WW recipes or use one of our 5-day menus.

  • A new “Your weekly plan” button will appear in the horizontal navigation once you tap into the search bar.
  • There is also a new button on all food, recipe, and meal details that enables you to add the item to your plan and then view your plan, if you’d like.
  • Additionally, when you search for foods, recipes, and meals as you normally would, if any items that you’ve planned are a match against your search, you’ll see those in the results.

Weekly Check-In

A Weekly Check-in card will appear on your homescreen on your weigh-in day. Tap to launch the experience.

  • Track your weight
  • Take a moment to reflect on how your felt this week
  • See your progress report which includes data from four wellness pillars: food, activity, mindset, and sleep
  • If you want, set a goal for the week ahead.

If you want to update your weight or track it on a different day, here’s how:

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android:

  • From the homescreen, tap your Profile icon in top right corner (iPhone or iPad) or in the bottom menu (Android).
  • Click Track weight.

Create and save recipes

  • If you find a recipe or meal you like but want to customize it, hit the edit button to make it suit your taste.
  • You can also build your own recipes and meals and save them to your Favorites.

Barcode scanner

  • The barcode scanner is at the top of your homescreen. Tap it and scan the barcode of a packaged food to get its SmartPoints value.
  • Once you've scanned a food or drink, you can save, favorite, and track it.
  • You can also view a list of all items you've scanned for quick reference.

5-Minute Coaching

Get bite-size behavior change techniques and mini-meditations any time you need them, along with almost unlimited ways to get moving.

  • Scroll down to the "Strengthen your body and mind" carousel.
  • Tap a card that interests you.
  • Give it a try!


  • Connect is our members-only social network where people feel safe and comfortable enough to keep it real.
  • Be part of a community that shares tips, setbacks, and celebrations, and cares deeply about everything from the best low-SmartPoints bagel to being their best self.
  • Share your journey through photos and videos, and find inspiration from other members. Just tap on the Connect icon to introduce yourself!
  • Find people like you with Connect Groups. 


Did you know that you earn rewards just for building healthy habits? Tap the gift icon at the bottom of your homescreen to:

  • See how many Wins you've earned.
  • Browse rewards.Check out any current streaks you've earned from tracking!

24/7 Live Coaching

Whether you need advice, motivation, or technical help, our Coaches are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Tap your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your homescreen.
  • Above your weight graph, you'll see a blue chat bubble.
  • Tap that to chat!