How to use the WW app

Here's your step-by-step guide to the simplest way to build healthy habits and keep track of your progress.

Weight loss and healthy habits made simple

Available for Apple and Android, our award-winning app lets you take myWW with you wherever you go! 


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Tools and features

  • Search for over 8,000 WW recipes filtered by:
    • Meal time: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
    • Dietary needs: dairy-free, diabetes-friendly, gluten free, vegetarian, and more
    • SmartPoints value
    • Prep time
    • Popularity
  • Sync your fitness device for easy tracking. 
  • Scan foods at the grocery store with the barcode scanner. 
  • Track how much water you're drinking.
  • Track your sleep to gain greater awareness of what your current sleep patterns are, and where you can improve! 
  • Earn free rewards with WellnessWins, just for building healthy habits. 
  • Get advice and guidance any time you need it from real WW Coaches, 24/7.
  • Find daily inspiration on Connect, our members-only digital community. 

How to use the WW app

The My Day dashboard

  • My Day is your home base. Toggle between food and activity using the split screen to track them.
  • To look up certain foods or activities, type a search term into the search bar, hit 'Search' and browse the list.
  • Tap or swipe right to add items to your dashboard.
  • In your profile (your picture at the top) you can keep your 'why' to hand—your personal reasons for wanting to boost your health and wellbeing long-term.
  • To track how much water you're drinking, simply tap the “+” icon in the water row that appears on your home screen. Doing so will track water for the serving size selected, and you will see a water animation to indicate the amount that has been tracked. 


Weigh-in at home

You can weigh-in using your personal scale and digitally track your weight on the WW app.

A Weight Check-in card will appear on the My Day screen on your weigh-in day. Tap to track your weight.

If you want to update your weight or track it on a different day, here’s how:

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android:

  • From My Day, tap your Profile icon in top right corner (iPhone or iPad) or in the bottom menu (Android).
  • Click “Track weight”.
  • Enter your current weight.
  • Tap “Track weight”.
  • Take a moment to reflect and record your week, then tap “Done”.


Discover recipes

  • Browse 8,000+ recipes by selecting a category such as 'quick & easy' and then apply filters such as meal time or SmartPoints value.  
  • If you find a recipe or meal you like but want to customize it, hit the edit button to make it suit your taste.
  • You can also build your own recipes and meals and save them to your 'Favorites.'  


Barcode Scanner

  • The barcode scanner is at the top. Tap it and scan over the barcode of a packaged food to get its SmartPoints value. 
  • It's super helpful in deciding what's worth it to you.  Once you've scanned a food or drink, you can save, favorite, and track it. 
  • You can also view a list of all items you've scanned for quick reference. 


Tap the gift icon to:

  • See how many Wins you've earned for healthy behaviors.
  • Read encouraging messages.
  • See the weeks you've stayed in the Healthy Eating Zone—these are the days you've tracked and stayed within your daily Budget. This is indicated by the blue dots on the screen!  



  • Connect is our motivational members-only social experience and the place to get a daily dose of "You've got this!"
  • Share your journey through photos and videos, and find inspiration from other members. Just tap on the Connect icon to join the fun! 
  • NEW: Find people like you with Connect Groups. Join groups based on your myWW color, location, interests, journey, age, or hobbies, including Nursing Moms, WW Bros, Newbies, Brides, Traveling, Reading, Healthy at Disney World, Pet Owners, and more. 


Chat with a Coach, 24/7

Whether you need advice, motivation, or technical help, our Coaches are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Just tap "Help" in the bottom right corner to chat with a real person who knows WW inside and out!