60 zero Point recipes on the WeightWatchers® program

Enjoy eating foods that you don't have to track! These delicious 0 Point recipes are packed with ingredients from our ZeroPoint foods list.
Published 21 January 2018 | Updated 4 August 2023
Curried prawns with zoodles and spinach

Recipes you don't have to count

On the WeightWatchers program, you have the freedom to enjoy over 200 'free' foods that you don't have to track. We call these ZeroPoint foods as they help make healthy eating easier. The reason why they have a Points value of zero is because they are nutritional powerhouses that form the basis of a healthy eating pattern.

You can eat ZeroPoint foods without measuring or tracking and still lose weight. Reach for them as snacks or add them to your breakfast, lunch or dinner to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Every member* will have 9 ZeroPoint food groups on their list: non-starchy veggies, fruit, eggs, yoghurt & cottage cheese, fish & shellfish, chicken & turkey breast, tofu & tempeh, corn & popcorn, and beans, peas & lentils.

*Members on the diabetes program share a different ZeroPoint foods list, based on global public health guidelines.

This collection of easy zero Point recipes will soon become your everyday favourites! Staring our 'Zero Heroes' we’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and EVEN dessert! From fritters to frittatas, to soup and dhal, you will enjoy loads of variety and flavour while achieving your weight loss goals. The best part is that even when you have run out of Points you still have options for dessert, from chocolate pudding to cheesecake pots - you never have to miss out!

0 Point recipes