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Attending Workshops really work!

A weekly 30min session dedicated to your health

Going to a WW Workshop — in-person or virtual — has so many benefits! Here are just a few:

Get a Wellness Check-in
They’ll check in on your progress and help you set new goals.

Learn science-based strategies for weight loss
We cover behaviour change tips designed to help you build healthy and sustainable habits.

Set a plan for the week ahead
Plan recipes, tips and practical skills that you can apply to your life.

Meet your WW community
See friendly faces, talk, listen, encourage and have a laugh with your fellow members.

You can attend as many Workshops as you like!
Whether in-person or virtual, get the support you're looking for.

What to expect at a Workshop

Stay on track with healthy snacks, WW cookbooks, kitchenware & body scales, all delivered to your door.

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