Top tracked recipes for 2020

While WW offers more than 6,000 recipes, here are our top 24 recipes WW members tracked during 2020.
Published 4 January 2021 | Updated 25 October 2022

Top 24 WW recipes from 2020

WW member Anna’s 90 second oat and cinnamon mug muffin came out as #1 for the third year in a row! It makes a perfect warm one-portion breakfast or quick healthy snack. Anna's salted caramel and coconut bliss balls also made it into our top 24. She is our healthy snack queen! You can find more of her delicious recipes here.

Our WW member Sarah also made the list with her apple crumble muffins, they sound YUM! Her recipe for easy turkey pasta bake and her low Point banana loaf also made the list. You can check out more of Sarah's recipes here.

With recipes for hearty and healthy dinners like zucchini slice, schnitzel and chicken stroganoff, brekkie options like our speedy banana pancakes and variations of the versatile bliss ball we are sure you will love some of our member fave recipes from 2020!