Sarah Van Dyke's WeightWatchers® recipes

With a strong social media following, 'Sarah's Recipes' is a WW phenomenon! Check out her delicious creations and them for yourself.
Published 22 December 2019 | Updated 6 December 2022

Sarah's love for cooking

A former home economics teacher, it’s not surprising that after launching her Facebook page Sarah’s Recipes AUNZ in December 2016, she had a following of 7,000 fans within just three months.

Sarah, a WW Coach & Ambassador says that not only do people love her recipes, they love the results. “They tell me, ‘Because of you, I can have my treats and still lose weight’, but I just provide the recipes. They do the work!” Anyone still doubting that a person who eats muffins can lose weight and keep it off only has to look at Sarah’s own success.