30-Plus Budget-Friendly Taco Recipes

There are so many tasty ways to keep your favorite Mexican dish feeling fresh.
Published August 9, 2017

Whether you're feeding your family, a crowd, or yourself, tacos are a no-brainer. And that doesn't have to change when you join WeightWatchers®. After all, most corn and medium flour tortillas are pretty Budget-friendly! Once you settle on the base (chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, or veggie) the ZeroPoint™ toppings are up to you.

The sky is the limit, but try to start with whatever contents you already have in your fridge. To help you create the yummiest homemade tacos of all time, we've included some simple ways to DIY the "tortilla" itself and make the most basic fixings for a WW-fied fiesta. 

And if uniqueness is what you're going for, you have permission to steal this brilliant meal hack: Use WW's Nacho or Sea Salt Tortilla Chips to make Walking Turkey Tacos. (See the recipe below!)