Floribbean mahi-mahi tacos

Floribbean Mahi-Mahi Tacos

Total Time
40 min
25 min
15 min
Floribbean cuisine, a fusion of Floridian, Caribbean, Latin American, and African styles of cooking, converge in these vibrant street tacos. Mahi-mahi holds up well to our flavor-packed Jerk Seasoning without falling apart on the grill. Shredded cabbage is a great garnish.


Cooking spray

4 spray(s)


1 medium, ripe, firm, peeled, pitted, and cut into ½-inch cubes

Red onion

¼ cup(s), chopped

Fresh lime juice

3 Tbsp


2 Tbsp, chopped, plus more for garnish

Garlic clove

1 clove(s), grated

Corn tortilla

12 small, (4½ inches), or 8 small butter lettuce leaves

Jerk Seasoning

3½ Tbsp, see recipe in the WW app (or swap in store-bought)

Kosher salt

1½ tsp

Uncooked mahi mahi

1 pound(s), cut into ½-inch chunks


  1. In medium bowl, mix mango, onion, lime juice, 2 tbsp cilantro, and garlic. Let mango salsa marinate at room temperature.
  2. Meanwhile, heat cast-iron skillet over medium-high. In batches, cook tortillas, turning once, until lightly charred, 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer to container with lid. Cover to keep warm.
  3. Rub Jerk Seasoning and salt into fish. Remove pan from heat. Coat pan with nonstick spray and heat over medium. Add fish and cook until lightly charred, about 3 minutes. Turn fish over and cook until charred in spots and just opaque in centers, 2 to 3 minutes more.
  4. Divide fish among tortillas or lettuce leaves. Top with mango salsa and Haitian Pikliz (see recipe in the WW app) and garnish with cilantro.
  5. Serving size: 2 tacos