The ultimate grilling hub

Grilling season is upon us! We’ve rounded up our best tips and recipes to ensure you can be the ultimate grill master this summer!
Published April 15, 2021

Best burgers

A staple of a summer cookout – the burger! This article has you basic best practices and we’ve collected out fav go-to recipes.

Premium poultry

We love a great grilled chicken breast or turkey sausage on the grill. This article has tips to make great grilled chicken and turkey as well as our top recipes for anyone who loves chicken and turkey on the grill.

Grilled pork

Grilling pork is a great alternative to stove top searing. The smokey flavours from the grill perfectly compliment pork.

Charred veggies

Whether your are eating a plant-based diet or looking for a veggie side to accompany your meal, these tips and recipes have you covered.

Fish and seafood

Nothing says summer like grilled fish and seafood. Check out some of our favourite recipes for summer’s fresh catch.

Hot Dogs and Sausages

Perineal crowd-pleasers, hot dogs and sausages are great grilled hand helds, perfect for a summer gathering.


Grilled pizza? You bet! Take your ‘za to the next level with these tips and recipes.

Grilled fruit

You can’t have a barbecue without dessert! Check out these creative ideas for grilled fruit desserts!