12 recipes that prove grilled veggies are a gift

PSA: *Any* vegetable can be grilled. Turn up the flames for these delicious plant-based starters, side dishes, and mains.
Published June 16, 2020

Maybe your diet is vegetarian or vegan. Maybe you’re just trying to get more ZeroPoint veggies on your plate. Whatever’s putting you in the mood for some plant-based goodness right now, this grilling guide will ensure you get it. Below you’ll find thick-cut cauliflower steaks with homemade pesto, deliciously spiced Thai tofu-veggie skewers, smoky grilled guacamole, grill-and-chill vegetable gazpacho, and 29 other vegetarian grilling recipes. Hit the farmer’s market for some fresh picks, check out our expert grilling advice, and turn up the heat.


Tips for grilling veggies

Make flavours pop

You can never go wrong with a nice dash of salt and pepper, but don’t overlook the rest of your spice cabinet. Cumin and paprika make a great combo if you’re in the mood for Mexican; basil and red pepper flakes impart a zesty Italian twist; oregano and garlic are good when you’re craving Greek. Season before grilling, and then once your veggies are cooked, move them to a serving platter, add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, and garnish with a handful of fresh chopped herbs or scallions. If you like, whip up a ZeroPoint or super low-SmartPoints finishing sauce such as citrus-herb, creamy cilantro, zesty herb, or creamy lemon-garlic.

Maximize your menu with a pan

With the right technique, anything can go on the grill. Large whole veggies (think corn on the cob) and big slabs such as bell pepper quarters can cook right on the grates. Chunky pieces like grape tomatoes and zucchini cubes go great on skewers. But for smaller or elongated shapes that don’t lend themselves to skewering—think onion slices or green beans—a grill sauté pan is a smart bet. The pans come in lots of shapes and sizes and let you easily toss any veggie on the grill for that delicious smoky flavour without the pieces slipping through the grate.


Skewer strategically 

If you’re planning to grill veggies on wood skewers, soak the sticks in water for 20 to 30 minutes beforehand so they don’t catch fire over the heat. (Or, use nonflammable metal skewers instead.) When threading food onto skewers, leave a tiny bit of space between each item so every side cooks. Once skewers are on the grill, be sure to flip a couple of times for even charring.