Fire Up the Grill! 31 Barbecue Recipes to Help You Stretch Your Budget

So you can enjoy every bite without emptying your Budget.
Published July 7, 2019

Juicy burgers, flame-broiled chicken, and tender grilled veggies: They're all part of what makes barbecue season festive and delicious. Instead of skipping the seasonal foods you love to meet your weight loss goals, fire up your grill: The recipes below can hit the spot and fit right into your Budget—without sacrificing any flavour.

And before you turn your nose up to catch a whiff of plain old burgers browning: We're not talking about soggy side salads and processed veggie burgers, hold the bun. On WW, you can sink your teeth into a moist turkey burger stuffed with bacon and cheese. Or try a flank steak marinated in a saucy mix of fresh herbs or topped with sweet and savoury pineapple-pepper salsa. By the time you round out your meal with veggies like chorizo-stuffed jalapeño peppers grilled peaches or pineapple rings for dessert, don't be surprised if your hot-dog bearing meal buddies begin to drool. Enjoy! 

31 Delicious Ways to Stretch Your Points Budget When You Barbecue: