Recipe roundup: eggs for any time of the day

Our favourite egg recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Published January 16, 2023

Poached, hard- or soft-boiled, fried, and baked, when it comes to eggs there’s no shortage of options for preparing this versatile ZeroPoint food. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, with one large egg containing 6 grams of protein as well as being a good source of unsaturated (or heart-healthy) fat, vitamins (A, B, and D), and iron. As an ingredient in a recipe, eggs are an emulsifier, they add structure, and they act as a binder. Satiating, highly nutritious, and easy to prepare—what’s not to love about eggs?

Egg Recipes to Start the Day

Making eggs for breakfast can be as simple as reheating a couple of make-ahead egg bites or as involved as preparing eggs Benedict from scratch, with most recipes taking 15 minutes or less to put together. Pairing eggs with veggies or fruit (like in our recipes for 3-ingredient pancakes) adds fibre, which will increase the satiety factor of your meal and keep you feeling energized for hours after you’ve eaten.

Egg recipes for lunch

To cook a large batch of easily peelable hard-boiled eggs in five minutes or less, we recommend using the Instant Pot for best results. Don’t be tempted to skip the final step, which involves shocking the boiled eggs in ice water as soon as the cooking time is up. This step helps the egg contract away from the shell, making the peeling process considerably less painful. If you regularly eat leftovers for lunch, an added egg—boiled, fried, or poached—will make your meal more filling while boosting its nutritional value.

Egg recipes for dinner

From egg drop soup to polenta with corn, mushrooms, and a poached egg, the recipes in this section are suitable for last-minute weeknight meals as well as leisurely weekend dinners. Some of these recipes are simply topped with a cooked egg as a finishing touch, while others, such as our cheese soufflé, rely on eggs for structure and texture. To make a quick and healthy dinner without a recipe, roast your favourite ZeroPoint vegetables (seasoned with salt, pepper, and your choice of herbs and spices) and top with a crispy egg.