54 Low-Point breakfasts to stay on track during the holidays

Our best lower Point recipes for frittatas, oats, baked goods, and parfaits!
Published December 7, 2022

You’ve probably heard the old adage about breakfast being the most important part of the day, and the saying becomes especially true during the holiday season. As tempting as it can be to save your entire Points budget for the big meal, you'll grow hungrier throughout the day, which means you’re more likely to ignore fullness cues once you actually start eating—especially if the food is festive (meaning, rich and heavy.) Instead of going hungry all day, begin the day with a low-Point breakfast that leaves you feeling satiated, energized, and nourished. Below you’ll find all the recipes you need to greet the day with good intentions so that you can stay on track while leaving room for special holiday treats when the festivities begin.

Frittatas & baked eggs

Made with eggs, veggies, and sometimes cheese, meat, or poultry, frittatas are ideal for whipping up ahead of time so that their thick slices can be enjoyed informally—either warmed up or straight from the fridge—over and over again. Both frittatas and baked eggs lend themselves well to a large variety of ZeroPoint foods (bonus, eggs are 0 too!), so feel free to substitute based on the current contents of your fridge. We find frittata and baked eggs particularly attractive during the holiday season as they can be made in large batches ahead of time and kept wrapped in the fridge for up to four days.

Oats & grains

A classic beginning to any day, oats and other whole grains are a neutral, fibre-filled base for all manner of beloved breakfast toppings. In order to make the oatmeal-making-process as efficient as possible, we’ve included several recipes for overnight oats and baked oats, which can be made the day of or several days before and enjoyed throughout the week. In addition to oats, you’ll find recipes that make use of quinoa, bulgur, and pearl barley in its place. These dishes still offer plenty of fibre and a delicious, chewy mouthfeel and are perfect for mornings when a certain amount of creativity is needed (if not desired) to get a hot breakfast on the table.

Baked goods

The ultimate option when it comes to convenience, these easy grab-and-go breakfast breads, cookies, and muffins make a satiating breakfast either on their own or paired when with fresh fruit, a hard-boiled egg, or a serving of non-fat cottage cheese. Many of the items below can be frozen without experiencing any loss of texture or flavour. To prevent freezer burn, wrap each item or slice in plastic wrap before storing in a large resealable freezer bag. These items are also an effective afternoon pick-me-up and make an energizing snack when you find yourself in a midday slump.

Parfaits & yogurt bowls

When it comes to fresh and filling lower Point breakfast ideas, yogurt parfaits and bowls meet the criteria on every level. These recipes couldn’t be easier to assemble, and the use of protein-rich non-fat Greek yogurt (a ZeroPoint food!) and fibre-rich fruit amps ups the satiety factor. Ideally, the parfaits should be made ahead of time so that the flavours develop and spread throughout the yogurt. If you don’t have parfait glasses, any clear drinking glass or cup will work to show off the delectable layers created by the yogurt and fruit (an opaque glass will also work, you’ll just need to use your imagination to visualize the layered creation you’ve made.) To mix things up, try adding non-traditional ingredients like matzo brei, peanut butter, almonds, roasted fruit, and fruit jam in place of traditional cut-up or stewed fruit.