Two-Ingredient Dough

Use it for pizza crust or for bagels, this dough is easy and versatile.

Connect, Instagram, Twitter—everywhere I looked there were posts about two-ingredient dough, a seemingly magical bread that simply involves mixing equal parts self-rising flour and plain fat-free Greek yogurt and cooking for about 20 minutes at 350℉.

There were pictures of #twoingredientdough rolls, plain bagels, and bread, but people also got creative and added some extra seasonings and toppings to make pizza, everything bagels, salted pretzels, etc., etc.

It was all well and good, and the pictures looked nice, but this can’t really taste good, I thought.

Then my brother posted a picture. It was of a large pizza he made using the two-ingredient dough. The whole thing was only 10 SmartPoints® value.

But the kicker was, he liked it!

I had to see for myself. I had the yogurt already, so I went out and bought the self-rising flour. I got the Gold Medal Brand (it was the only self-rising flour in my grocery store).

I mixed a cup of each (the whole thing wound up being 11 SmartPoints value), and divided the dough into 10 little balls. (Next time I’ll make 11 to match the SmartPoints value.) I then turned each ball into a ring to make mini bagels.

I put a piece of tin foil over a tray, sprayed some Pam on it, put my bagels on, put it in the oven, and let it cook.

When my bagels were done and I tried them out, that’s when I was in for my biggest surprise—I liked them!

It wasn’t my favorite bread ever, but it was good! It had protein in it, was easy to make, and was low in points. And there are a lot of uses for it, and a lot of ways to change it up. (I’m actually looking forward to using the bread with some poached eggs. Two mini bagels and eggs all for 2 SmartPoints value.)

So my verdict on this two-ingredient dough? A thumbs-up. It’s definitely a recipe I will be making again!

Have you tried the two-ingredient dough, and if so what did you make? You can find me on Connect @shani!