49 delicious snacks for when you're almost out of Points

So you're never left hungry or bored.
Published September 26, 2023

Snacking throughout the day can help you fend off hunger between meals—a good thing considering hanger can really put a damper on your day.

The good news: Whether you’ve used the bulk of your Points® at breakfast—hello, creamy French toast casserole!–or you’re saving them for drinks and dessert at dinner, there are so many delicious WW snacks that will keep your belly full and taste buds happy between meals without interfering with your weight loss progress. There’s no reason to settle for lackluster snacks.

So: The next time a snack attack strikes between breakfast and lunch, or you find hunger creepin’ up on you hours before dinner, try one of the snack recipes below. Whether you feel like chocolate, something salty, a cheesy bite or something more substantial, these unique recipes will hit the spot.