31 no-cook recipes for summer

There's no need to go anywhere near an oven with these no-heat-needed options.
Published June 9, 2016

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is turn on your oven or stand over a hot stove to get dinner on the table. But hey, you still have to eat! While you might be picturing a big bowl of ice cream and a spoon with your name on it, there's a more satisfying (and balanced!) way to feed yourself and family members on the hottest summer days: Stay cool with chilled appetizers, mains, sides, and yes, desserts, that don't need to be heated.

From antipasto-stuffed avocado halves to peanut butter zoodles to icebox cake, the recipes below will hit the spot, hold the hot. Mix and match the recipes to to create a summer- and Points®-friendly meal without breaking a sweat. Just don't forget to tag @WeightWatchers® in your food photos on Instagram using the hashtag #WWRecipes.