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40 work-from-home lunch ideas

Treat yourself to a Points-friendly midday meal with these tasty single-serving recipes made from pantry staples.
Published 10 June 2020

Is working from home more lately messing with your routine? It can be hard to establish new, healthy routines when you find yourself in a new working environment. If you’re finding it difficult to step away from your desk for a lunch break, try making one of these delicious lunches to lure you into a much-needed break.

Do you have a pantry, fridge or freezer packed full of staples and have no idea how to use them? Below are some simple and delicious recipe inspirations showing you how to use these staples for exciting lunches for one - so there's no need to make unnecessary trips to the supermarket. You can easily multiply the ingredients if you’re meal-prepping for your plus-one, bulk prepping your lunches for the week or have a houseful of kids.