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WW is wellness community that has inspired millions of people to come together and lead a healthier lifestyle that leads to weight loss. Keep inspired by following our official WW ambassadors for inspiration, recipes, advice and their awesome authentic selves.

Jackie O becomes our newest WW Ambassador!

“I realised I had stopped wanting to leave the house and was avoiding social outings because I just didn’t feel well, motivated or confident anymore. I’d slipped into bad habits. I joined WW because I want to feel healthier, be more active, feel good about myself, and set a good example for my daughter about a healthy lifestyle and approach to eating.”

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James Corden, down 9kg and still enjoying Pizza!

"I want to change the way that I live. I want to be better for my children and for my family. This last year has shown us all that taking care of yourself should be a priority. So much of this is about support—and if you sign up with me, I'll support you through this, and you can support me."

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@feedmehealthy_annavandyken | Follow

A little bit about Anna...

"I’ve been a WW member since 2012. I chose WW because I wanted to learn how to change our lifestyle from the road that we were on. It took me 4 years of consistency and determination and I finally reached goal weight in 2016 losing 70kg (half my body weight) while also helping my family become healthier, too.⁣⁣

My passion for food and cooking started from a young age which lead me into all sorts of weight issues, however I’ve learned how to incorporate everything into a balanced lifestyle now. My favourite food is Italian!

My favourite way to keep active is walking! It’s free, fun, therapeutic and me time.⁣⁣

You'll like following me if you love quick, simple, hearty, healthy family meals and snacks that don’t break the SmartPoints budget or bank balance!⁣"

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@mandi_lous_world | Follow

A little bit about Mandi...

"I’m a Mum of two kids, one fur baby, Wife & WW AUNZ Ambassador.

I LOVE FOOD! Top of the list is Buddha Bowls, Pokè Bowls, Eggs. You name it - I love it (except capsicum.. you can keep that!)

My favourite ways to keep active is Rollerblading, Yoga and Reformer Pilates at my local FS8.

My WW highlight is definitely my surprise FaceTime call from Oprah Winfrey.

You’ll like following me if you love food! 😂 Jokes aside, if you like real, raw and honest feelings, a good laugh, dash of sass and some random dance moves."

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⁣@sarahs_recipes | Follow

A little bit about Sarah...

"I'm a food loving, recipe creating single mum on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. I love all things food (especially fresh seafood and mangoes!) and creating yummy, nutritious recipes. Inspiring others to create dishes they love in their own homes is something that makes my heart sing.

I live in the most amazing place in the world and I love to keep active by walking on the beach. It really helps my mindset.

My ultimate WW highlight was being asked to be in the WW magazine! Little did I know that I would end up on the cover! I found out when the magazine came out and it was the most amazing surprise 🙊

You'll like following me if you enjoy seeing how to live the WW lifestyle through my yummy recipes you can create at home."

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