19 Veggie Noodle Recipes You'll Like as Much as Regular Pasta

You won't believe what you can spiralize.
Published April 30, 2019

If you love spaghetti and hate the idea of using up a day's worth of PersonalPoints™ at a single meal, it's time to try spiralized noodles. Made from zucchini, butternut squash, beets, and even apples, these spaghetti swaps hit the spot when you can't get enough pasta but can't seem to carve out enough room in your Budget to enjoy heaping bowls of it. 

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Tossed with the right ingredients—think peanut or Alfredo sauce—veggie noodles won't leave you missing the real deal. And because they're loaded with fiber you won't find in plain old pasta, the veggie versions might leave you feeling fuller for longer after eating—a good thing if your goal is to lose weight or maintain weight loss. 

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So: Dust off your spiralizer or seek out store bought veggie noodles, which are widely available in many supermarkets' produce and freezer sections, and try a big old bowl of one of the inventive recipes below. 


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