Recipe Roundup: Sandwich Day

Featuring 30 of our best sandwich recipes!
Published October 28, 2021 | Updated October 4, 2022

November third is National Sandwich Day, and to mark the occasion we’ve compiled 30 of our most popular sandwich recipes to help you celebrate your appreciation of subs, clubs, toasties, and sarnies. This roundup highlights traditional sandwich fillings and flavour combinations, in addition to inspired pairings and new twists on old classics. You’ll also discover some of our most indispensable sandwich-making tips, including ideas for condiments, bread options, and how to perfectly scramble eggs to use as a sandwich filling.

Classic Sandwiches

For those who love a classic sandwich combination with an inspired twist, these reinvented recipes are sure to make mouths water. The easiest way to transform an ordinary sandwich into more exciting fare is by switching up the condiments, thinking outside the box and trying ingredients like chutney, spicy honey, hot sauce, pickles, grainy mustard, and fresh herbs. To make a flavourful sauce, combine reduced calorie mayo or Greek yogurt (or a combination of the two) with pesto, horseradish, citrus zest or finely diced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.

Egg Sandwiches

In terms of nutritional value and sheer versatility, there’s no better sandwich filling than the humble egg. Scrambled eggs are the perfect vehicle for ingredients such as watercress, tarragon, chervil, hot sauce, salsa, chopped olives, and pesto; in most cases they can be stirred into the beaten eggs before you add them to the pan. For the creamiest scrambled eggs, remove the pan from the heat when they still look wet (but not runny), and let the residual heat continue to cook the eggs until set.

Hot Sandwiches

The comfort food of the sandwich world, hot sandwiches can be as simple as a grilled cheese or as entrée-worthy as chicken parmesan tucked between two pieces of bread. Making food for a crowd? Keep each sandwich warm in a low oven on a baking sheet as you assemble each serving, adding lettuce or other delicate ingredients immediately before eating.

Salad Sandwiches

Salad sandwiches are given a healthy makeover in the following recipes, making use of reduced calorie mayo and Greek yogurt in place of full-fat mayo. Flavourful add-ins, such as pesto, curry powder and hot sauce, breathe new life into old favourites in need of an update. Bringing a salad sandwich to work for lunch? Pack the salad filling separately and assemble right before eating, either with bread or wrapped in crisp iceberg lettuce.