Recipe roundup: All things potato!

On WW everything is on the menu – that means potatoes too – and hey – potatoes are a vegetable!
Published March 1, 2021

Oven fries, mashed potatoes, bisque and latkes; the humble potato takes many forms, appearing or starring in beloved recipes from all over the world. Whatever your potato preference happens to be, there’s something to be said for the versatility (not to mention the low cost) of this widely available staple. If you have potatoes in your pantry, you’re already halfway to a filling and nutritious meal thanks to this roundup of WW recipes featuring everyone’s favourite tuber.

Classic potato recipes

Whether you prefer your potatoes mashed, roasted, grated into potato pancakes or scalloped, the recipes below showcase potatoes in their most celebrated state. Keep the peels on whenever possible, you won’t have to spend as much time prepping the potatoes and the skins are an excellent source of dietary fibre and potassium.

Main dishes

Potatoes add bulk and texture to a variety of dishes, from frittatas to empanadas to corned beef. A simple baked or microwaved whole potato becomes a filling main course when paired with protein, such as a poached egg or shredded chicken, as well as additional veggies and/or sauteed greens.

Potato soups

Bisques and chowders owe their silky mouthfeel to finely diced or pureed potatoes, which offer plenty of plant-based richness without the addition of heavy dairy or sour cream. Use Russet potatoes, which are sometimes referred to as baking potatoes, when making creamy soups. Russet potatoes have a light and fluffy texture which practically melts into the soup, no blending required.

Potato salads

Classic, French or German, there’s a potato salad for every taste and occasion in this section. Choose a waxy potato variety when making these salads; new potatoes, fingerlings, and red potatoes will hold their shape and retain their flavour when tossed with an acidic dressing or other snappy ingredients.