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16 Deliciously Gooey Recipes Featuring WW Cheese

So you can reduce the SmartPoints values of your favorite cheesy recipes.

Wondering how to enjoy cheese while you work toward your weight-loss goal? The “gouda” news is that with WW, cheese can be part of a healthy eating pattern. With planning, you can figure out how to incorporate cheddar, mozzarella, feta, Brie, and other cheeses into your SmartPoints® Budget.

Don’t have many SmartPoints values to spend but still want cheese? We’ve got you: WW Cheeses start at just 1 SmartPoints value per serving. Featuring string cheese as well as shredded cheese and whipped cream cheese, they’re a delicious alternative to higher-calorie, full-fat options.

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Find WW Cheese at a supermarket near you, and enjoy with these 16 cheesetastic recipes.

The Best WW Cheese Recipes

If you’re in the mood for cheese in the morning:

Make breakfast extra special with the addition of WW Cheese. 

If you’re ready for more cheese by lunchtime:

WW cheese adds a delicious touch to lightened-up lunch recipes.

If you want a cheesy snack break

Fuel up between meals with satisfying nibbles that feature WW Cheese.

So you can end the day on a cheesy note

Serve up a low SmartPoints (but deliciously cheesy) dinner that the whole family will love.