Photo of Slow Cooker Chicken Burritos by WW

Slow Cooker Chicken Burritos

Total Time
5 hr 20 min
20 min
5 hr
Mexican food is always a favorite. Just stir the ingredients for these burritos into your slow cooker and let the slow cooker do all the work. Perfect for a buffet meal or an open house where guests can come and go. Put out little bowls of other toppings like tomatoes, green onions, hot peppers and fresh cilantro and let guests assemble their own burrito. Kids will enjoy the simple, familiar flavors of the bean and chicken, and most especially the cheese. Serve with lime wedges for a cooking squeeze over the filling. Quickly warm your tortillas in the microwave before serving. Place between layers of wet paper towels to keep moist.



1 clove(s), minced

Red onion

1 small, chopped

Canned diced tomatoes

14½ oz, with chilies

Canned kidney beans

15 oz, rinsed and drained

Chili powder

½ tsp

Table salt

½ tsp

Dried oregano

¼ tsp, crushed

Black pepper

¼ tsp

Uncooked skinless boneless chicken thigh

1 pound(s), cut into bite-size pieces

Chicken broth

¾ cup(s)

Whole-wheat tortilla

12 tortilla(s), medium

Shredded reduced fat Mexican-style cheese

¾ cup(s)


  1. Place garlic, onion, tomatoes, beans, chili powder, salt, oregano and pepper in a 3-quart slow cooker; stir well. Add chicken and broth. Cover and cook on low setting for 5 hours; drain off liquid (there should be about 6 cups of burrito mixture).
  2. To serve, spoon about 1/2 cup of burrito mixture down center of each tortilla; top with 1 tablespoon of cheese. Fold bottom 1/3 of tortilla to center. Fold left side to center; fold right side to center, covering filling. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
  3. Serving size: 1 burrito


You can microwave the burritos, seam-side down, for 30 seconds, if desired.