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Valentine's Day blog: these 3 members lost weight and found friendship

We're celebrating friendship this 'Palentine's Day'! Find out how three members' love for WW turned them into the best of pals.
Published 23 January, 2020

Valentine's Day, Palentine's Day or Galentine's Day, call it what you will but this 14th of February, we're celebrating love; for the programme and between members. Without further ado, we would love to introduce Vicky (@the_mumtum_diaries), Nikki (@miss.wwuk) and Fiona (@fiona_dawson).

How did you all meet?  - Vicky

How we met... sounds like the beginning of a love story, doesn’t it?! And, I guess in a way it is. It was through our weight loss journeys we all shared online that we not only found ourselves again, but found this friendship as well. 

Nikki’s was one of the first Instagram accounts that I followed. Whenever I felt like giving up, I would look at her journey and say to myself “Nikki has lost 10st, that’s incredible and I need to keep going”. That’s what I use my Instagram account for, inspiration. I would watch how she’d interact with her followers but didn’t feel brave enough to actually send her a message until one day I commented on one of her posts and we got chatting.

When I told Nikki I was going to a photo shoot withWW magazine, she said that Fiona was going to be there and that she’d introduce us. At that time I must’ve been scrolling through Instagram with my eyes shut as I don’t know how I wasn’t previously aware of Fiona’s amazing food pics!

As soon as the three of us made a group chat, we spoke all the time and decided it was time to finally meet in real life. When we all met up, it felt like we were long lost friends, with all of these amazing things in common. We laughed and drank cocktails; something we continue to do today. In this friendship, I know that if one of us is struggling with anything, we will always have each other’s backs and be there for one another.


How as WW buddies do you all help each other? - Nikki

What started out as a solo weight-loss journey after having successfully lost 10st, still continues. I am leading a happier, healthier lifestyle and I have gained some wonderful friends along the way, Vicky and Fiona in particular.

Through WW we’ve created such an unbreakable bond - we really are the three amigos!

If I've been struggling a little (maybe eaten one too many cakes - we all know how it is!) and need to offload, Vicky and Fiona are always on hand, ready to listen. We always share advice and offer words of encouragement when one of us needs to get back on track. We can always count on each other for moral support and life coaching! After all, a problem shared is a problem halved isn't it?!

Equally when I'm riding the crest of my wave and want to share something positive - if I’ve had a good food week for example - I love updating them on all the small changes I made to achieve this.  

Between the three of us, we’re never short of advice and inspiration. We know only too well the highs and lows the journey towards weight loss can bring. We message each other regularly, just to check in and we often meet in London for our “mate-dates” over some yummy food. 

Even though it's a big pond, what makes the WW community so special is the support you get from all those other little fish swimming alongside you, online or in Workshops.

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What impact does not only this friendship group but also the wider WW community have on you? - Fiona

Having friends like Vicky and Nikki in my life means that I always have someone I can turn to when I need advice. It’s so nice being able to go to them for support or when I just need someone to have a laugh with.

Not only are we able to understand what each other’s achievements mean to them, but we also understand the challenges we still face in maintaining our goal weight. We’re all on the same mission so the journey never feels lonely. 

Having that extra support outside of my WW Workshop is lovely and it’s made even better when you meet people who completely inspire you. A few words of encouragement and support from friends can go a long way and it’s important to reach out to people when you’re struggling. 

It’s really amazing to see a community that can come together and inspire one another in different ways. One of the main reasons I stay so active on both Instagram and WW Connect (@fionahroberts) is because of the sheer amount of motivation that I get from both, it's incredible. 

I find great comfort in knowing that so many strangers are coming together and helping one another. I always feel assured that I have someone that can help with whatever struggles I may face and I hope to return the same feeling. 

Let's keep the community spirit alive as it really is a powerful way to help!

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