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Grounded in science, WW doesn’t jump on the latest fads and trends. Instead, MyWW uses the latest research and behavioral interventions to help members lose or maintain weight and build healthy habits. MyWW is also one of the few programs that fulfills all of the criteria that expert panels have deemed necessary for behavioral lifestyle interventions for weight loss1, 2 to be effective.  Some of these panels of nutritionists and scientists include the United States Preventive Task Force, The Obesity Society, the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, and the Australian Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council.  In addition, we have the evidence base to prove our delivery of these behavioral interventions works.

Significant & effective weight loss

WW has been evaluated across the world—the United States3,5,7, United Kingdom, Germany4,12, China9, and Australia4—and found to produce significant weight loss in each country. 

In numerous randomized, controlled studies, WW was found to be more effective for sustained  weight loss—defined as 6 to 12 months—compared to:

  • Self-help: WW is 8 times more effective for weight loss than doing-it-yourself.3
  • Physician counseling: WW is 2 times more effective for weight loss than physician counseling.4
  • Professionally delivered program: WW is 3 times more effective in producing 10 percent weight loss than professionally delivered programs.5
  • Other commercial programs: Out of 141 commercial and proprietary weight-loss programs, WW was identified as one of two programs clinicians should prioritize for referral due to our sustained weight loss and cost-effectiveness.6

Additionally, WW has been evaluated and found to be effective for chronic health conditions, such as :

  • Prediabetes—WW is 12 times more effective for weight loss than a self-initiated program and produced greater improvements in glucose control in those with prediabetes.7
  • Type 2 diabetes—WW is 2 times as effective for weight loss than standard diabetes nutrition counseling and education, and produced greater improvements in glucose control in those with type 2 diabetes.8

Cost effective

In a review of weight-loss programs, WW was shown to be the most cost-effective when compared to other clinically proven nonsurgical programs such as Vtrim, Qysmia, Orlistat, and Jenny Craig.10