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We love food, and we don’t believe in ever going hungry or that any food should be forbidden. Eating healthier makes life better and it tastes amazing.


Support your weight loss, boost your energy and lift your mood by adding some fitness into your everyday life. We'll guide you every step of the way.


Happier people make healthier choices! Before you can transform your body, you need to transform your mind. It’s time to make a powerful mental click.

NEW SmartPoints®

Counting calories alone doesn't lead to healthy eating. That's why we’ve introduced new SmartPoints. It nudges you towards a healthy pattern of eating and translates complex nutritional information into one simple, but very powerful, number: the SmartPoints value. It's our strongest stance ever on eating healthier.

Real food is still on the menu
I'm ready. Are you?
Come join me!
- Oprah

Join us in building a stronger, healthier and kinder relationship between body and mind.

Your healthier, happier life starts here

Your success goes beyond just the number on the scales; it’s about how you feel, your confidence, your health, happiness and so much more. So whatever you want to do along with losing weight – healthy eating, a balanced diet, be your best self, healthy living – we’ll give you everything you need to get there. You’ll be given more ways than ever to personalise your program, define your success and feel motivated each and every day.

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