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Regain control in these uncertain times

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Josh, 4 st 8 lbs*
Ginger, 1 st 5 lbs*
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Let us help you eat well, move more, and stay connected.

Every membership helps you build and maintain healthy habits. Choose your best fit!

Reach your goals with our award-winning app
Workshop + Digital
In addition to our popular Virtual Workshops, we will begin to offer Express Workshops in selected locations.

Josh lost 4 st 8 lbs in 119 weeks. Ginger lost 1 st 5 lbs in 339 weeks. Results may vary from person to person. Members lost weight on prior program and continued on myWW.

What you'll get when you join WW

Customised weight loss plan • Food, water, sleep and activity trackers • WW app with 2000+ recipes • Meal planners • Unlimited Virtual Workshops • Live virtual in home experiences • 24/7 live chat with expert WW Coaches • Members-only online community • Barcode scanner • Headspace® audio meditations • Guided audio workout with Aaptiv • Guided video workout with FitOn

Get five apps in one

1M app reviews | 4.8 ★ on AppStore | 4.6 ★ on Google Play

  • Trackers: simple ways to log food, water, sleep, and activity, plus a barcode scanner for easy shopping
  • Recipes: over 2,000 WW-approved recipes filtered by cuisine, prep time, dietary needs, and more.
  • Fitness: something for everyone - for all ages and fitness levels. Equipment-free workouts you can do anywhere at any time. With Aaptiv (audio exercises), FitOn (video exercises), and live Zoom classes you are sure to find something that makes you move.
  • Community: share highs and lows, success stories and questions. 24/7 Live Coaching from WW experts; plus our members-only network, Connect that has thousands of members connecting right now.
  • Rewards: the more you track, the more Wins you earn which unlock exciting goodies through our WellnessWin's programme - with over 40 partners, there's something for everyone.

Get healthier with myWW programme

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a personal assessment to unlock your customised weight loss plan, tailored to your lifestyle and preferences
  2. Download the WW app to set goals and track your progress
  3. Have a question or need help? Our expert WW Coaches and friendly online WW community are there for you 24/7
Coaching & community at home

Get guidance from the start

Our NEW Virtual Workshop experience connects you with WW Coaches and other members to deliver scientific strategies and inspiration at home-plus, it has a 97% satisfaction rating!*. We've got you covered, on the right path, right from day 1 to day 100.

*Based on 35,000+ member survey responses.

First 3 Months Free
Pay nothing till 2021


Set yourself up for success with our incredible app. With easy-to-use tracking tools, our members-only digital community and 24/7 live chat support from expert WW Coaches, you’ll have everything you need to reach your goals at your fingertips.

Workshops + Digital

All the benefits of a Digital membership, plus unlimited access to our online with Virtual Workshops, where you’ll get science-backed techniques from a WW Coach and support from WW members just like you.

Show us your goals, we'll show you how to get there.