Enjoy the foods you love

Proper pizza, indulgent pasta, creamy curry with a crisp glass of wine, even avocado on toast with a perfectly runny poached egg… Enjoy all the foods you love and you could still lose 8x more weight than on your own.

Plus, it’s never been more flexible with our no counting and no measuring option.

Why Weight Watchers?
Reason 1:Eat the food you love and still lose weight

Hello SmartPoints®

With SmartPoints®, we simplify complex nutritional information into an easy-to-understand number and give you a personalised budget to stick to.

The best bit? Nothing’s off limits, because enjoying food with people you love is what matters. And if sticking to budgets isn’t your thing, there’s even a No Count option.

You can lose lbs, not your lifestyle.




My healthier, happier life started here

My success went far beyond just the number on the scales; it’s changed how I feel, my confidence, health, happiness and so much more.

Losing weight with Weight Watchers meant I still ate the foods I love; I’ve adopted a balanced diet, along with a healthier lifestyle. If I can completely change my life you can too.  

Jenny’s story

Success stories
Throughout the UK our inspirational members are finding a healthier and happier way of life with Weight Watchers
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