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How to use the WeightWatchers® app

The WW app is loaded with features that make losing weight easier—and everything’s included in your membership. Here’s how to take advantage of every single tool.

My Day: your home base for tracking

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WeightWatchers’ award-winning app lets you (literally) tap into every benefit of our programme wherever you go. The most critical as you start your journey: food tracking. Study after study shows that those who consistently track what they eat tend to lose the most weight. Our app makes it simple. Plus, it gives you access to so many other tools made for weight-loss success, including delicious recipes, behavior change tips, a supportive community, and more. Let’s take a quick tour.

Think of the home screen (what we call My Day) as your launchpad for tracking food and other important metrics. It also shows your Points® Budget dashboard and a breakdown of daily meals. The details:

  • ‏‎Food: Use the search bar to find and track foods and recipes. We speak emoji, so feel free to type, say, 🍕 or 🍪 instead of words if that works for you.

  • ‏‎Weight: Tracking food isn’t the only predictor of success; research suggests weighing yourself regularly also helps you reach your goals. From My Day, tap into our weight tracker to input your weight and check (and celebrate!) your progress.

  • ‏‎Activity: Regular activity can lead to more weight loss than changing your behaviour with food alone—and it adds Points to your Budget. Tap into your activity dashboard from My Day to manually track or, if you synced a fitness wearable, to see activity (and Points) automatically added.

  • Healthy eating zone: A blue dot on a day of the week is our version of a blue ribbon. It means you’ve tracked and stayed within a healthy Points range that day. Members love seeing how long they can keep a blue-dot streak going.

Daily check-ins

On the home screen, you’ll see a prompt card each day for a simple to-do or inspo. It’s designed to help you build healthy habits one small but powerful step at a time. If you’re new to WeightWatchers, these prompts help you get to know all the app’s tools and features and guide you along your journey.

Barcode scanner

At the top of the home screen, you’ll find the icon for our barcode scanner, the fastest way to track many packaged foods. How to use it:

  • Focus on the package’s barcode to bring up the food’s Points value.
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  • Adjust the serving size and meal category if necessary, then tap Track.

  • From the scanner, you can also tap into a searchable list of all the items you’ve scanned.

Recipe database and What’s in Your Fridge? recipe suggester

Whether you’re meal-planning or looking for new recipes, or don’t know what to make and want inspo, the WW app’s got you covered. From the home screen, tap the three horizontal lines on the upper left to access the app’s menu. Select Recipes, then dig into thousands of searchable options. Or use the What’s in Your Fridge? tool for ideas based on what you already have on hand.
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  • Search recipes by type (e.g., “lasagna” or “chicken salad”), cuisine, or ingredients. Or scroll down for curated lists.

  • To customise recipes, bring one up and tap Edit. Make additions or deletions to suit your taste.

  • For help deciding what to make, tap the What’s in Your Fridge? card at the top of the Recipes screen. (Reading this on your phone? Tap here.) Enter the ingredients you want to use, the Points you want to spend, and any foods to exclude. See what we recommend!

Recipe builder

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Your daily homemade smoothie, a favorite kitchen-sink pasta sauce, Grandma’s banana bread—you can build and save your own go-to recipes in the app to make them easier to track.

  • On the home screen, tap the search bar, Create, and then Recipe. (Or tap here from your phone.)

  • Add ingredients and any details, then save.

  • To find your recipes later, go to the menu and tap My Food. Or from the Recipes screen, tap My Recipes. ‎

Restaurant finder

Want to plan or pre-track a meal when dining out? Looking for a new spot with healthy options? Search our extensive database of restaurants and menu items.

  • On the home screen, tap the three bars in the upper-left corner to access the app’s menu.

  • ‏‎ ‎Scroll down and tap Restaurants.

  • Select a Points range or a restaurant name to bring up lists of food items and their Points values so you can compare and make choices.


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Welcome to our members-only social network—a fun, supportive, judgment-free zone where you can share tips and celebrations and get help with challenges. Use it to meet other members, join groups (including your local Studio’s), and talk about everything from the best low-Points bagel to being your best self. How to get started:

  • Tap the Connect icon (the group of people) in the lower-right corner of My Day. Then introduce yourself and begin exploring.

  • Select See All (next to Groups) to browse, search, and join groups that match your interests.

Follow @wwofficial for news, fun challenges, helpful tips and info, and special events that happen right on Connect.

More menu MVPs

The app’s menu (the three lines in the upper-left corner of My Day) gives access to even more features, tools, and references. A few you’ll want to tap into:

ZeroPoint® foods list:

Get inspired by all the veggies, fruit, seafood, and more; if it’s 0 Points, you’ll see it here.

Weekly plan:

We’re big on meal planning, and you can do it right in the WeightWatchers app! (Reading this on your phone? Go to the app now.) Search meals, recipes, and foods to add to your plan, or use one of our premade weekly plans. During your week, when you search for a food or recipe to track, anything you’ve planned will pop up first in the results.

5-Minute Coaching:

Let’s say you’re struggling with late-night snacking or want help de-stressing during a busy day. Scroll to Audio Coaching to browse topics and listen to bite-size behavior change techniques from our experts and mini meditations from Breethe.

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