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A cookie is a small data file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, the cookie allows that site to recognise your browser. The length of time a cookie will stay on your computer or mobile device depends on whether it is a "persistent" or "session" cookie. Session cookies will only stay on your device until you stop browsing. Persistent cookies stay on your computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted.


We use cookies and similar technologies like pixels, tags, web beacons, and other identifiers to help us personalise our Website and Internet Products for you, remember your preferences, understand how users are using our Website and Internet Products and help customise our marketing communication.


We use both session cookies and persistent cookies. The cookies generated when you visit our website fall into the following categories:

Strictly necessary cookies

Some cookies are essential for you to be able to experience the full functionality of our site. Please note that without these cookies, our web site may not be displayed optimally and some functions are then no longer technically available. These cookies also enable services you have specifically asked for.

For example, when you subscribe to one of our Internet Products, we use session cookies to signal that you are logged in so that you are able to use subscriber features of the Website, and persistent cookies to provide automatic login.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information about how you use the Website. We use performance cookies for web analytics, which allow us to statistically monitor how people are using our Website, to help us improve our online offerings as well as to test different design ideas for particular pages. We work with independent measurement and research companies to perform these services for us, so some of these cookies may be set by a third-party company. By using the Website or subscriber, you agree that we can place these types of cookies.

Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to help us track and analyze usage of our Website, using cookies and action tags. All data collected by Google on our behalf is owned by us and used to better understand our users and improve our Website.

Additionally, we have set up Google Analytics to be privacy-friendly according to the guidelines of the UK Data Protection Authority.

For more information on how Google processes your data, see the Google Privacy Policy

BrightCove and BrightCove Player: When you watch a video on our Website, cookies are set by the video playing technology to optimise bandwidth and help measure usage volume and delivery quality.

The legal basis for processing performance cookies is Article 6 (1) (f) of the General Data Protection regulation (“GDPR”).

Functionality cookies

These cookies allow our Website to remember choices you make to improve your experience (such as your unit of measurement preferences) and to provide enhanced, more personal features (such as information about your browser and whether you have configured your Website tools), and to improve response speed and efficiency by storing certainly frequently-accessed information. By using the Website or subscriber, you agree that we can place these types of cookies.

On some pages of our site, third parties may also set their own anonymous cookies, for the purposes of tracking the success of their application or customising the application for you. We cannot access these cookies, nor can the third parties access the data in our cookies.

The legal basis for processing functionality cookies is Article 6 (1) (f) of GDPR.

Advertising and Targeting cookies.

We may use cookies to track the effectiveness of advertising purchased on third party sites, and to support our affiliate program by letting our affiliate sites know that a visitor to one of their sites later purchased a product or service on our site.

We also use cookies to assist in targeted advertising. Our Website’s advertisements may be displayed or served by a third party, and many of the advertisements you see on our Website are generated by third parties.

Some of our third-party advertisers use their own anonymous cookies to track how many people have seen a particular ad, or to track how many people have seen it more than once. The companies that generate these cookies have their own privacy policies, and we have no access to these cookies. These third-party ad cookies may be used by those third parties to anonymously target advertising to you on other websites, based on your visit to our Website.

We also set anonymous cookies on certain other sites that we advertise on. If you accept one of those cookies, we may then use it to identify you as having visited that site if you later visit our site, and will serve targeted advertising based on this information.

The legal basis for processing advertising and targeting cookies is your consent, Article 6 (1) (a) of the GDPR.


You do not have to accept cookies to use our Website. However, if you reject some cookies, certain products, offerings, features, or resources of our Website (including certain Internet Products) may not work properly and you may experience some loss of convenience.

You may adjust your cookie settings on our cookie banner at any time.

Additionally, all modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings will typically be found in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. In order to understand these settings, you may also use the “Help” option in your browser for more details.

Social Media Personal Data Processing


We use plug-ins of the social networks SnapChat, Facebook Connect, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to enable our Website users to easily share content found on our Website and connect with their friends via such social networks. Whenever you view a page of our Website containing such plug-in, your browser establishes a direct connection to the servers operated by provider of the social network. As a result, the content of the social plug-in is transferred by the network provider directly to your browser and embedded in our Website being shown. If you visit our Website , information concerning your visit may be transferred to the network provider and the provider of the social network can assign your visit to our Website to your account with the social network.

Please note that a data transfer is triggered already when you visit our Website, irrespective whether you interact with the plug-in.

The legal basis for processing social media cookies is your consent, Article 6 (1) (a) of the GDPR. We place social media cookies only with your permission.


WW, in addition to the provider of the social media platform (platform provider) are jointly responsible as data controllers for the processing activities concerning your data. The platform provider in this respect primarily determines the purposes and means of the processing activities, which we can influence only to a limited extent. To the extent that we can exert influence over or set parameters regarding the processing of your data, we will, within our means, take actions to ensure that the platform provider processes your data in compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

We operate the following social media sites:

- Twitter: []

- Facebook: []

- YouTube: []

- Pinterest:

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- Snapchat:


The data you provide directly on our social media pages such as comments, videos, pictures, likes, tweets etc. are published by the social media platform. The processing by us is based on Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR which refers to processing which is done in the interest of public relations and communication.

As part of this processing, we may:

- Communicate with you via the social media platform;

- share your content on any of our social media platforms as well as on our website,

- allow you to participate in contests and/or raffles

Data processing by the provider of the social media platform

The provider of the social media platform uses web tracking methods. Web tracking may also take place independently of whether or not you are logged in or registered on the social media platform. Unfortunately, we cannot influence or restrict the web tracking methods of the social media platform.

Please be aware that the platform provider may use your profile and behavioral data to evaluate, among other things, your habits, personal relationships and preferences. We have no influence on the processing of your data by the platform provider.

Please refer to the privacy policies of the platform provider for more information on the purpose and scope of data collection and data analysis undertaken by the social network as well as your options to modify settings and how to protect your privacy.

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If you do not see the information you were looking for, or you have any further questions about the use of cookies on this site or your data privacy rights, please visit our Privacy Policy or contact our DPO at