Everything you need to know

Weight loss? We've got it covered...


...but we're not just about weight loss - we believe in helping you become your best self.

It's all about YOU!


Here at Weight Watchers, we get it. Everybody's got different likes, tastes, and needs. That's why we've created our holistic programme that is totally liveable, and can be tailored to suit you and your lifestyle.

We know that your success goes beyond just the number on the scales; it's a combination of how you feel, your confidencehealth and happiness (and so much more).

That's why, whatever you want to do along with losing weight - eat healthier, be your best selfre-energisede-stress or find fun ways to get moving, we'll give you everything you need to get there.

Meetings, Online or a little bit of both - we've got options, whatever your lifestyle!

How Weight Watchers can work for you


You can choose to attend weekly meetings led by a trained Leader, do the plan in your spare time online, or opt to get the resources of both – whatever works for you - we have a plan that will suit you.

Plus, you’ll still get to eat out at your favourite restaurants, eat the real food you love, and indulge in a treat now and again; with Weight Watchers, no food is off limits.

And when you join, you’ll also get everything you need to stick to the plan, including the easy-to-use WW app, which keeps your weight loss journey in your pocket with easy trackingtipsrecipes and meal ideas, along with 24/7 support from our team of experts and trained Leaders.

We’ll even make getting more active fun and easy by showing you ways you can up your exercise without interfering with your routine.


Become healthier and happier with Weight Watchers


We love food, and we don’t believe in ever going hungry or that any food should be forbidden. Eating healthier makes life better and it tastes amazing.


Support your weight loss, boost your energy and lift your mood by adding some fitness into your everyday life. We'll guide you every step of the way.


Happier people make healthier choices! Before you can transform your body, you need to transform your mind. It’s time to make a powerful mental click.