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How our new programme helps you lose weight - and keep it off

PersonalPoints™ is our most individualised programme yet: no two plans are the same! Yours will be designed specifically for you, to hit your personal weight-loss goals - all while eating the foods you love and living the way you want.

You’re unique: your weight-loss plan should be too

Get a plan that’s yours, and only yours

We’ll say it again: no two are the same! When you join WW, we’ll ask you a series of questions via our PersonalPoints™ Engine, then we’ll design your unique PersonalPoints™ Budget and individualised ZeroPoint™ food list tailored to the foods you love and can’t live without.

WW member Shannon M. eats a baked apple cider doughnut.
WW member Shannon M. lost 4st 4lbs. People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.

Stay supported, your way

How you live WW is also - are you sensing a trend? - up to you. Whether you want a self-guided journey, or a community to lean on, you can find your membership match by taking our personal assessment.

Track, eat, add, repeat!

Our new programme makes healthy choices easier and more rewarding so they feel celebratory - not like work. For the first time in WW history, you have the power to grow your Budget, not just see it go down. Add Points by eating non-starchy veggies, drinking water, and being active.

WW member Ginger R. lost 7 lbs. People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.

You’ll love WW if:

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  • You don’t want to give up having fun (and all the food that goes with it!)
  • You’re tired of fad diets or yo-yo dieting
  • You’re ready for weight loss that feels simple - not like a chore
  • You want a plan that’s individualised for you

All memberships give you access to our 5-star app


Eat well

We help you do just that with tons of easy features, such as:
  • NEW! Completely customised food plan (no two are the same!)
  • NEW! PersonalPoints™ Budget and individualised ZeroPoint™ foods list
  • Food and water trackers
  • Barcode scanner for easy shopping
  • Recipe and restaurant database


A WW member uses their phone to scan a barcode on a box of pasta.
WW member Donald N. lost 2st. People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.

Move more

Find on-demand workouts (for all levels), sync your fitness tracker, and earn Points along the way.

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Two WW members are talking together on a walk.
WW members Jessie D. and Jacqueline S. lost 2st 1lbs. and 3st 13lbs. People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.

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Get expert help

WW Coaches are experts in our new programme, so reach out via 24/7 chat with a Coach whenever you have questions.

Sleep better and shift your mindset

The sleep-weight connection is real: science shows people who get less shut-eye are hungrier throughout the day. We’ll help you get better ZZZs, plus overcome common roadblocks like stress eating.

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A WW member stretches on her bed.
WW member Saidah J. lost 1st 5lbs. People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.

See your progress

Access your progress report at any time to stay on the right path - and, just as important, celebrate victories along the way!

Get started with the #1 doctor-recommended weight-loss programme today†

†Based on a 2020 IQVIA survey of 14,000 doctors who recommend weight-loss programs to patients

We get these a lot…

Your questions, answered!

Nope. While calories matter for weight loss - we’ll always take them into account - we also look at big-picture nutrition data to create one simple number: a food’s PersonalPoints™ value. After all, calories from a chocolate bar impact your body differently than the same number of calories from grilled chicken, because they have different nutrients. (Both are on the menu, by the way - and with your one-of-a-kind Budget, it’s up to you how you use your Points!) Just track, feel good, lose weight, and keep it off.

You can eat, any time you want! When you join the WW programme, our PersonalPoints™ Engine will determine your unique PersonalPoints™ Budget and individualised ZeroPoint™ food list. Nothing’s off-limits, and any time you're hungry, you can have a ZeroPoint™ food without dipping into your Budget. Plus, for the first time ever, you can add to your Points Budget by drinking water, eating veggies, or being active.

Definitely! We have thousands of meat-free, plant-based recipes that make a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and weight loss easier (and delicious) with any WW plan.

Physical activity can get you closer to your weight loss goals, so our goal is helping you find movement you enjoy. That way, it becomes a healthy habit that sticks! Whether you walk, do a (free) workout in your WW app, or stretch at your desk, we’ll reward you for being active. For every PersonalPoint™ gained from activity, a Point will be added to your weekly Budget. Win-win.

Get your completely customised food plan and PersonalPoints™ Budget, food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers, barcode scanner, recipe database, and restaurant finder, meditations and all-level workouts, 24/7 Coach chat, and more. The app is included with all WW plans!

We have three memberships that deliver support in different ways - whether you want face-to-face meetings, expert-led wellness sessions, or a one-stop app for weight loss. Still not sure? Take this quick assessment to get matched with the WW plan that fits your lifestyle.