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Discover the fantastic range of WeightWatchers® products!

From delicious meals and snacks to cookbooks, kitchenware and more, you can find a variety of WW products in your supermarket and on your high street, to help you lose weight and build healthy habits for life. Get everything you need to succeed.

Convenient chilled meals

Our delicious and nutritionally balanced chilled meals are perfect for those days where you just don’t have time to cook from scratch. Each one uses only the ingredients you would find at home in your own kitchen and is under 400 calories. There are meat and veggie options available - they all taste great and are ready to enjoy in minutes.

Available in Morrisons and Asda

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Bakery favourites

Switch up your mealtimes with our great range of wraps, tortillas and naan breads. Use our wraps and tortillas for filling, folding and enjoying, with savoury, sweet, hot or cold options. They’re also great as a pizza base, instead of pastry in an apple turnover, or even to make your own oven-baked tortilla chips.

Available in Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Iceland

Sweet treats

Eating well doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy regular treats - and our delicious Chewy Caramel Wafer is testament to the fact that healthier can still be tasty! Bite down through chewy layers of wafer and caramel, all covered in a milk chocolate coating. Delicious!

Available in Tesco and Sainsbury

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