The new cookie swap

While we can’t get together to swap cookies this year – try swapping these recipes instead!

Like many other time-honoured holiday activities this year, cookie swaps are going to look very different this season than they have in the past. Instead of physically exchanging cookies, the new cookie swap is an exchange of recipes. Here’s everything you need to know about planning a socially distanced cookie exchange, plus a roundup of WW’s most decadent cookie, bar, and bark recipes to help you get started.

What to include with a recipe swap

  • A related story or anecdote to give the recipe context; you can also list reasons why the recipe is important and why you’re a fan of the finished cookies.
  • A troubleshooting guide — if you’ve had any issues with the recipe in the past, include notes on how to avoid or fix them.
  • A list of ingredient or flavour substitutions (if applicable.)

Checklist for a successful virtual cookie swap

  • Decide when cookie recipes will be swapped.
  • Choose a recipe delivery method; depending on the preferences of your group they can be exchanged via email, holiday card or postcard.
  • Encourage participants to post pictures of any cookies or bars that have been made using the new recipes

Classic cookie recipes

These recipes are for lightened-up versions of all your favourite classic cookie jar standards. Using WW-friendly ingredients such as Neufchatel cream cheese, dark chocolate, and whole wheat flour, these decadent cookies might just become permanent fixtures in the baking routines of your fellow swappers.

Holiday favourites

Whether your idea of holiday baking includes gingerbread people or handmade rugulach, these recipes are sure to encourage the festive spirit thanks to seasonal ingredients such as cranberry, fresh ginger and peppermint.

Bars, brownies, and bark

Recipes for bars, brownies, and bark are a welcome sight when you’re short on time or if you find baking cookies too finicky and time consuming. The recipes listed below come together quickly (some in as little as 10 minutes), with a large portion of the total time listed being hands off, taking place in either the oven or the fridge.