56 bowl recipes for every meal of the day

Because who doesn’t love eating from a bowl?
Published November 9, 2021 | Updated October 4, 2022

If you haven’t yet jumped on the bowl-wagon, you’re missing out. Building bowls is an easy, formulaic way to pull together a nutritionally-balanced meal in a single dish. It’s a simple way to marry different flavours and textures, reduce meal prep and clean up times, and allow family members to build meals based on their own food preferences. Plus, it’s just fun and tidy to hold a bowl with one hand while you scoop up bites with the other.

Creating bowl recipes is especially easy if you prep your ingredients ahead of time and then use them to assemble lightning-fast dinners later in the week. And the good news is that the meal-in-a-bowl concept isn’t just limited to grains or dinnertime.

Below are more than 50 bowl recipes to get you started from a bagel and lox breakfast bowl to a lunchtime Asian noodle bowl to a hearty chicken fajita rice bowl. We’ve even gotten creative with recipes that have edible or food-based “bowls” (think bread bowls, and fruits and veggies such as bell pepper, spaghetti squash, and pineapple halves).