Healthy diabetes friendly dinner recipes - Harissa lamb grilled vegetables

Diabetes-friendly dinner recipes

Enjoy our favourite diabetes-friendly dinner recipes that taste delicious and are super easy to make.

Cooking diabetes-friendly dinners


Preparing diabetes-friendly meals is simple with our Weight Watchers recipes. Even if you're not diabetic, these recipes make for healthy and flavourful mid-week meals that the whole family can enjoy.


Consider your plate's portion different food groups

divided portion plate

Your body weight and blood 'sugar' levels (BGLs) aren't only related to what you eat but how much you eat. Even healthy food can make you gain weight or raise blood glucose if you eat too much of it. That’s why portion sizes are crucial – they not only ensure you are eating the correct amount but they’ll also help you learn how to judge when your appetite has been satisfied so that you feel comfortably full, rather than eating until you feel stuffed.

What does a healthy meal look like? Try to fill half with non-starchy vegies (such as beans, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce), make one-quarter carbohydrates (grains, breads, pasta, rice, noodles or starchy vegies such as potato), and the other quarter lean protein (such as lean chicken, meat, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts or seeds).


Include a carbohydrate

It is important to include a source of carbohydrate in each meal to help regulate your BGLs if you have diabetes. Healthy sources of main meal carbohydrates include wholegrain bread, pasta and rice, legumes and starchy vegetables such as potato, sweet potato and corn.


Diabetes-friendly dinners

The following recipes below all contain a healthy carbohydrates source and meet specific criteria set by Diabetes NSW. These recipes include Lebanese brown rice and lamb stuffed eggplants, the family classic; Chicken schnitzel and slow cooked Pulled pork burgers