Diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes

Enjoy our favourite diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes that taste delicious and are super easy to make.
Published 21 January 2018 | Updated 26 May 2022

Wake up to these diabetes-friendly breakfasts

Sweet or savoury, breakfast should be a delicious and energising start to your day. Whilst diabetes management requires some additional care and consideration (especially with the consumption of sugar and carbohydrates) in order to keep blood glucose levels (BGLs) steady, that shouldn't mean having to miss out on a delicious and satisfying meal.

When it comes to breakfast and managing diabetes, sugary cereals and large bacon and eggs may not be the most sensible breakfast choice however it does not mean people with diabetes need to eat a dull breakfast. Check out our amazing selection of diabetes-friendly brekkies like pancakes with honeyed ricotta made with buckwheat flour, cardamom and cinnamon spiced apricot porridge and poached sesame and shallot egg pots.

Include carbohydrates at breakfast

Glucose is an energy source for your body and brain. For people living with diabetes, it’s critical to keep BGLs steady. This can be done by choosing healthy types and amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day.

Our bodies want carbohydrates in the morning because that’s when our glucose is at its lowest. If you wish to add healthy carbohydrates to your breakfast routine, try out some:

  • Wholegrain bread and cereals

  • Starchy vegetables like sweet potato

  • Legumes

  • Selected dairy products like milk and yoghurt.

You will find a selection of these healthy foods containing carbohydrate in our recipes below including sweet potato in our Spanish omelette.

Choose plenty of healthy high-fibre foods

Fibre has many benefits for your body, including keeping your digestive system healthy, protecting against bowel cancer and helping to lower your cholesterol and BGLs. To increase your fibre intake, choose wholegrain or high-fibre bread and cereals, and eat plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruit.