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22 small-batch Thanksgiving recipes that your pod will eat right up

Not cooking for a crowd this year? Here’s how to enjoy your favorite flavors without eating leftovers for years.

As the 2020 holiday season approaches, most experts agree this is not the year to host large groups of friends and family. But that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the foods you look forward to all year. These small batch Thanksgiving recipes make between four and eight portions each, meaning they’ll serve up just enough for your immediate family, maybe even leave you with the leftovers that are just as traditional as the holiday itself.

Thanksgiving turkey for a small crowd

Boneless skinless turkey breasts are perfect for 8 people or less. They’re super quick to prep and cook much faster than a whole bird. Try:

Thanksgiving desserts

It’s not a holiday without dessert—no matter how many people you’re serving. If you don’t want a leftover pie hanging around your home for days, try a small-scale, portion-controlled sweet that serves as few as one. You can double, triple, or halve as needed:

Thanksgiving leftovers

Overestimated the appetites of your small crowd? Here are some ways to give your leftovers new life when you just can’t eat another turkey sandwich:

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