43 New Recipes to Try

See what WeightWatchers®’s been cooking lately.
Published September 9, 2021

Wondering what WW’s cooking these days? Here are some of the newest recipes we’ve been pumping out, including a delicious farewell to summer and a big, enthusiastic welcome to fall.

We’ve got recipes to help you celebrate any future Jewish holidays or Shabbat dinners, Hispanic Heritage Month (from September 15th to October 15th), sports-watching events, family movie night, your apple-picking haul, your next cocktail party, and more.

Recipes for Jewish Holidays

Or for anyone who just loves bagels and lox!

Recipes for Hispanic Heritage Month

Some of our recipes that highlight and celebrate Hispanic and Latin culture.

Recipes to Make the Most of Late-Summer’s Veggies

Summer’s not officially over until September 22 and farmers’ markets are still booming!

Light Cocktails

Because hey, it’s 5PM somewhere!

Recipes that Put New Spins on Family Favorites

A bagel-breakfast board, cheesy chicken and broccoli, campfire-inspired popcorn, and loaded spuds.

Apple and Apple Cider Recipes

Nothing says “hello fall” like fresh picked apples, apple cider, and apple spice.