Quick on-the-go breakfast ideas

Often rushed in the morning and don't have time for breakfast? Take just 10 minutes to put together one of our speedy breakfasts.
Published 26 May 2019 | Updated 21 September 2023
Mixed berry oats

A leisurely, laidback breakfast every morning is the dream. You could catch up on the news, sip some coffee, and savour every bite…heaven, right? But—reality check!—chances are, during the am rush, you barely have a moment to pour a bowl of cereal let alone sit down and eat it.

But if you’re looking to lose weight, making time for your first meal of the day could actually give your get-healthy efforts a boost. That’s because eating breakfast can keep hunger pangs from unexpectedly kicking in. And managing your appetite is a smart move since it helps you from reaching for the first food you see—and using up all your Points budget—when the clock strikes noon.

What’s the secret to squeezing in breakfast? Easy: Take it to go. Many breakfast foods can be prepared ahead of time and either wrapped up or stored in a portable container.

So let’s get cooking! With these 10-minute breakfasts and prep-ahead ideas you'll never want to skip brekkie again! From bacon and avo toast to trendy overnight Wheat-bix, we've got nutritious and filling ideas to suit everyone's morning taste buds.