30 best oat recipes

We know oats are great on their own but their usefulness goes beyond brekkie – try them in these tasty breakfasts, mains and dessert recipes.
Published 21 January 2020

High in protein and a good source of dietary fibre, oats are one of the most budget-friendly wholefoods around.

Give oats a go in one of these easy ideas

  • Throw a handful of oats into breakfast smoothies for body, texture and a fibre hit.
  • Use oats instead of breadcrumbs to crumb fish or chicken.
  • Replace some of the flour in pancake or pikelet recipes with oats.
  • Make bircher muesli – soak ⅓ cup oats overnight in ⅓ cup apple juice. Stir in low-fat natural yoghurt and grated apple. Top with fresh berries.

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