30 delicious healthy mango recipes

Nothing says Aussie summer and spring like juicy mangoes!
Published 2 September 2018 | Updated 6 June 2024
Mango, blueberry and lime slice

When are mangoes in season?

Mango season starts in September through to April with Kensington and Calypso available from September to March.

How to pick the perfect mango

  • The best way to buy a mango is to simply smell it.
  • A fresh ripe mango should have a sweet tropical smell.
  • Ripe mangoes will be firm and give slightly to the touch.
  • Avoid choosing mangoes that are very soft, bruised or wrinkled as they are overripe.
  • Mango colours vary depending on varieties and don’t necessarily have to be evenly coloured all over. A ripe mango will generally turn from green to orange, yellow or blush.

How to store mangoes

  • Mangoes should not be refrigerated until they are ripe. They are a tropical fruit so won't ripen in the fridge.
  • Unripe mangoes should be stored at room temperature, out of the sun for a few days. Storing them in a paper bag will also help quicken the ripening process.
  • Once ripe mangoes should be kept chilled in the fridge or can be frozen.

Why are mangos good?

Mangoes are not only delicious, but also contain vitamins A and C, and antioxidants that may help to maintain healthy skin.

Tip: Whip up a salsa for grilled fish with finely chopped fresh mango, chopped fresh coriander and a dash of sweet chilli sauce.

In season during: Spring and summer.